Sandy Springs DUI Lawyer

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If you have been ticketed or arrested in the City of Sandy Springs, Georgia, you want an DUI attorney Evan Watsonexperienced lawyer to defend your rights in court.  While Sandy Springs’ court is fairly young, established in 2005, the court has the power to conduct trials on local ordinance charges as well as some state law charges.  This means that Sandy Springs tickets and charges can carry anywhere between 6-12 months in jail and up to $1000.00 fines per charge.  Additionally, Sandy Springs Police are tough on DUI charges.   If you have an upcoming court date for a DUI, it pays to have a lawyer who knows the Sandy Springs Municipal Court well.

 2016 DUI Updates:

State v. KJ: In a one-day jury trial, a Forsyth County jury found the client Not Guilty of Boating Sandy Springs DUI verdictsUnder the Influence of Alcohol.  While the arresting offer testified to client having normal speech, eyes, and overall appearance, they also stated the client failed almost all field sobriety tests including the HGN (eye test), hand pat, alphabet recitation, and finger count.

Sandy Springs DUI Lawyer

Attorney Watson focuses a majority of his defense practice on representing those accused with DUI in Sandy Springs and surrounding areas.  As a DUI lawyer, Evan attends annual DUI specific training, as well as frequently lecturing on DUI defense techniques.  Evan is a member of both a Georgia DUI focused group, as well the the National College of DUI Defense.  In his first seven years of practice, Evan has defended hundreds of DUI cases and established a winning trial record in DUI cases.  Evan will always put his fees in writing and remain in contact, discussing your case with you throughout every stage.  Read Evan’s DUI F.A.Q. for the top questions relating to DUI cases in Sandy Springs and Fulton County, Georgia.  Check out Evan’s bio here for details on his recent training in DUI.

Past Speaking Engagements: 

Georgia DUI Update- Atlanta, GA- May 8, 2015; Evan was on a Q&A Panel with fellow attorneys Ben Sessions, Marny Heit, and Suesan Miller answering questions about all things DUI.

NHTSA’s “DWI/SFST Practitioner” Course – Atlanta, GA – March 13 – 15, 2015; Evan to speak on Cross Examination of the arresting officer using NHTSA’s 3 Phases Approach.  

Sandy Springs Defense Lawyer

Evan Watson has practiced in Sandy Springs since 2008.  In his first five years of practice, Attorney Watson has successfully handled hundreds of cases throughout Metro Atlanta courts.  While in law school, Attorney Watson clerked for the City of Sandy Springs where he was able to develop a knowledge of the Sandy Springs court system and how it operates.  Evan is also a resident of Sandy Springs and is appointed by the Sandy Springs court to help indigent defendants from time to time.

Sandy Springs Municipal Court

The Sandy Springs Municipal Court handles all local ordinance charges and some misdemeanor charges- particularly DUI charges.  For more information on how the municipal court operates, see my court information page.  Make sure to have your defense in place, including your lawyer, before your first court date.  This will be the first opportunity for your lawyer to discuss your case with the prosecutor in attempting to negotiate a favorable outcome.

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